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Welcome to College of Chaplaincy and  Social Sciences(Psychology), Nigeria.

College of Chaplaincy & Psychology, Nigeria is a product of the Chaplaincy organisation called Chaplain Corps of Nigeria, headed by Chap. Gen. Sir, Prof. Faith Ade 'Lana.

The Chaplaincy organisation was founded in May, 2014. The organisation continued to raise officers and men for the  general & spiritual care services Chaplains are known for.

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According to the management, all fresh students are to pay the following under-listed fees:

Tuition/Exam/Registration fee of ₦68,700 per session (first & second semesters).

Acceptance fee of ₦19, 700

Workshop/Studio fee of ₦10,500

Final Examination and End-of- course fees, as stipulated by the department.

The Vice Chancellor

The College of Chaplaincy & Social Sciences (Psychology), Nigeria was founded by Chaplain General, Sir, Professor Faith Ade 'Lana,(Ph.D,AAU).

He is the Commandant General of Chaplain Corps of Nigeria, the founding President General of Christian Chaplains' Alliance in Nigeria, the Ambassador of Peace of World Organisation of Ambassadors, and occupier of several other notable positions both nationally and internationally. He is a man of many awards in various disciplines , honorary and academic

Fellow, institute of chartered mediators and concilliators

Fellow, chartered institute of Human Resource Management

Fellow, Institute of Global Peace and Conflict Management

Certified professional administrator, forensic auditor and fraud investigator

Certified Peace & Security Consultant

Member, African American Institute of Forensic Examiners

Doctor of Divinity

Doctor of Graphology

Doctor of Human Resource Management

Professor of Administrative Management

Professor of Crabology

Facilitator of 'Conference of Bible Faith Ministers

Senior Elder of Disciples Faith Communion of Churches

Pastor of Dominion Faith Christian Centre

....amongst others!

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